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Knife & Bolo Bayonets

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Model 1892 Bayonet

The M-1892 Bayonet, also known as the Krag Knife Bayonet for it’s association with M-1892 Krag Rifle.

Model 1895 Cadet Bayonet

The M-1895 Cadet Bayonet, or Krag Cadet Bayonet (Type I), is a variant of the M-1892 Bayonet.

Model 1898 Cadet Bayonet

The M-1898 Cadet Bayonet, or Type II Krag Cadet Bayonet, is a second variant of the M-1892 Bayonet.

Model 1900 Bowie Bayonet

The M-1900 Combination Knife Bayonet and Intrenching Tool, also known as the Krag Bowie Bayonet.

Model 1902 Bolo Bayonet

Officially named the M-1900 Bolo Bayonet, the Krag Bolo Bayonet, is a variant of the M-1892 Bayonet.

Model 1905 Bayonet

The M-1905 Bayonet was adopted to be used as a knife bayonet with the Model 1903 Rifle.

Model 1909 Bolo Bayonet

The M-1909 Bolo Bayonet has been seen in three forms, all of which are distinguished by the hilt.

Model 1915 Bolo Bayonet

The M-1915 Bolo Bayonet was designed as a replacement for the M-1909 Bolo Bayonet.

Model 1921 Stiletto Bayonet

The unofficial Stiletto designation for the M-1921 Bayonet was given by collectors to this bayonet.