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Swords & Sabers

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Model 1872 Staff & Field Officers Sword and Model 1878 Staff & Foot Officers Sword

The M-1872 and M-1878 were produced in modest quantities (5,261) between 1873 and 1902.

Model 1868 USMA Cadet Officers Sword

The M-1868 USMA Cadet Officers Sword is rare. Developed in 1867 and produced in 1868 until 1919.

Model 1872 Cavalry Officers Saber and Model 1880 Field & Cavalry Officers Saber

The M-1872 and M-1880 sabers have long, curved, bright, and ornately etched blades.

Model 1860 General Officers Sword

The M-1860 General Officers Sword is the scarcest of all swords produced at the Springfield Armory.

Model 1882 Light Artillery Officers Saber

The M-1882 produced at the Springfield Armory has a highly curved, bright and unmarked blade.

Model 1902 Officers Saber

The M-1902 Officers Saber was designed and adopted as a replacement for the M-1872 Staff and Field Officers Sword.

Model 1905 Experimental Saber

The M-1905 Experimental Saber was designed and 11 were produced for trials in 1905.

Model 1911 Experimental Cavalry Saber

The M-1911 Experimental Cavalry Saber was designed and produced for trials.

Model 1913 (Cavalry) Saber

The M-1913 Cavalry Saber remains one of the most sought after and attainable edged weapons produced.