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In Memory of Burt Kellerstedt

You will always be remembered.

This site is dedicated to the lasting memory of Burton A. (Burt) Kellerstedt, who with so many, shared the knowledge and insights he gained as a researcher, collector and expert in all matters related to the Armory at Springfield.

Much of the information in this website, comes directly or indirectly from the work of Burt Kellerstedt. Directly, you will see his work cited, and indirectly, you see his influence everywhere else. In fact, almost every publication, from Brophy, to Brett, to Cole, and to Hardin and others, where there is reference to the many swords, bayonets or knives from the Springfield Armory, as depicted in this website, were contributed to by Burt Kellerstedt.

From birth to death, Burt was a resident of New Britain, Connecticut. Joining the Army after graduating from high school, Burt served with valor and distinction. He earned two Bronze Stars and four Purple Hearts during actions at the Battle of the Bulge and in relief of Bastone.

Burt was a Charter member of the Society of American Bayonet Collectors (SABC) and belonged to many other notable collector organizations. With his wife Paulette, Burt would travel throughout the US, researching and sharing information. In later years, Burt traveled with his friend Jay Sonneborn, to collector shows and meetings along the eastern parts of the US. He had many respected friends in historical circles.

Burt’s research and collecting of Springfield Armory artifacts spanned a period of more than 50 years. Historians and collectors called him upon with great frequency, and Burt always gave freely of his time and knowledge. Part of his lifetime work was captured in his book Swords and Sabers of the Armory at Springfield, which has become the benchmark for collectors.

In writing and publishing his book, Burt suggested that, “This was the best I could do. It is a starting point, not and end. Others will find new information, and hopefully, they will share it like I have.”

This site is dedicated to keeping Burt’s memory and his wish alive. It is also dedicated to his family, especially his loving wife Paulette.

God bless you Burtwe all will miss you.

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